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F&S Superfoods

Flat 3, Block 8, Meadow Close
Harborne, Birmingham, West Midlands B17 8DU
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 75 7005 9053

Contact: JP McLaughlin, Founder / CEO
Email: Send Inquiry

Type of Business: Manufacturer, Distributor/Wholesaler, Importer
Year Established: 2016
Annual Sales Volume: less than $1M
Ownership Type: Other
Harmonized System Codes: 1805

Business Message

At Father & Son Superfoods we offer a selection of raw, organic, fair-trade cocoa and more. We put quality first, and we’ve structured our company so that we can offer great products at affordable prices.

More than a trading company for profit sake, we are a social enterprise / cooperative with a mission. Traditional companies advertise their products through various media outlets, wherever they can get the most “bang for the buck”; and, the majority of profits go to the few. We on the other hand are here to address the needs of our times. We selectively direct our advertising budget to worthy companies; Media outlets that go beyond the narrow mainstream media’s news reporting, to those that are event driven, timely and responsible, humanitarian focused, people centred, ecologically responsible, and beholding to no corporate interest. (In the near future you’ll hear from us on TCNN (The Citizen’s New Network - United Kingdom), TSNN (The Sovereign News Network - U.S.A.), The Reformers (both U.K. & U.S.A.); and FusionFM and CafeViola). We support a living wage for all, and no less than 70% of our post tax company profits go to worthy causes by bringing this era’s injustices into the fore of public attention and supporting other proactive responsible organizations and groups.

In our quest to bring great products at reasonable prices, and to fulfil our moral obligations in an era of unprecedented corruption and greed we offer our superfoods first and foremost to those whose lives have been most afflicted by our own public servants so that they can learn of and have the benefit of the finest superfoods that this planet has to offer. To you we offer foods that support greater health, longevity, mental alertness, and an opportunity for a richer life. With that said, our first offering; Cocoa (meaning; food of the gods), this planet’s most rich in antioxidants food! Please see our Cocoa page for more details.

This is our first offering to help those that have had so much of their lives stolen from them. We hope you'll allow us to provide you with products that make your life richer, as will our support of those equally focused on your rights as parents, children, and extended family members. You know who you are, those so deeply touched by the lawless deprivation of our heartfelt need to care for, cherish, belong to, and be a part of a family. From our wonderful grandparents, to our fathers, and our grandchildren. . . . .

All the best!

JP, Founder / CEO
F&S Superfoods

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